Loads of Fun!!!

Midway Specialists


Modern Midways is our carnival operator. They are known throughout the nation as the "Midway Specialists". Their family owned business takes pride in providing premiere services and "Complete Carnivals" for Fairs, Festivals, and Celebrations. Just imagine the excitement and magic of a Carnival Midway with over 30 Amusement Rides, Games, Prizes, and Concessions. They provide the most modern and popular rides with everything set-up and ready for "Fun"! 

Modern Midways


Modern Midways is always adding new rides, games, food stands, and equipment.  It is the best around of 2020!

Games for Everyone


 Modern Midways is proud of its 

line of quality game and food concessions. Unlike the carnivals of yester-year, their games are designed with the player in mind.  Many games award a "prize every time" to kids, or let them play until they win. Their games are designed to be fair, honest and fun and award the player with a quality prize. 

Family Rides


 Modern Midways keeps the family in mind and has several rides in which the entire family can ride together. Such rides include the Grand Carousel, Century Wheel, Berry Go Round and more. 

Choices Prize & Great Food


 Aside from choice prizes, they also supply a selection of various food items to please any crowd such as Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Elephant Ears, Funnel Cake, Deep Fried Candy Bars, Sausage and Peppers, and as well as many other carnival favorites.

Thrill Rides


 Modern Midways specializes in thrill rides and spectacular rides that are unique to the areas in which they travel. They are the only traveling carnival in the country to own and operate a Touchdown, a spectacular football themed spinning attraction.